LoRaWAN Industry Solutions

IoT offers endless possibilities for virtually every industry. To give some ideas of how you may apply LoRaWAN IoT devices to your industry, we’ve put together some example LoRaWAN industry solutions.

These represent only a fraction of the potential applications, our expert team are on hand to assist with the creation and development of your particular LoRaWAN industry solutions, get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

Smart Agriculture

LoRaWAN Smart Agriculture Solutions

Bring your Smart Agriculture projects to life with LoRaWAN®. We have a range of sensors to help you make more informed decisions and improve overall efficiencies.

Smart Buildings

LoRaWAN Smart Building Solutions

With IoT every building has the potential to become smart. Our range of LoRaWAN® sensors can be used to monitor occupancy, energy, environmental factors and much more!

Smart Manufacturing

LoRaWAN Smart Manufacturing Solutions

LoRaWAN® sensors enable manufacturing operations and efficiencies to be improved. Sensors can be easily integrated into existing systems to monitor things such as: waste levels, asset location and vibration/movement.

Smart Utilities

LoRaWAN Smart Utilities Solutions

Adding connected devices to utilities enables users to remotely manage supply, anticipate demand and support potential customer savings. Industrial IoT solutions we can assist with include electricity and water.

Smart Council/Streetwork Solutions

LoRaWAN Smart Council Solutions

LoRaWAN® IoT sensors are a great tool in creating smart solutions for Councils and local authorities. From outdoor environment sensors to alarm sensors for sheltered accommodation, we can help.

Smart Logistics

LoRaWAN Smart Logistics Solutions

Enrich your Smart Logistics solutions with LoRaWAN®. Remotely monitor a variety of factors to enable you to make more informed decisions within logistics.

Smart Towns & Cities

LoRaWAN Solutions for Smart Towns & Cities

LoRaWAN® sensors can help you to monitor a variety of applications in everyday life. Get the sign of approval on your Smart Towns and Cities projects with our range of IoT starter packs.