LoRaWAN Smart Agriculture IoT Solutions

Smart Agriculture solutions can help to improve crop yield and overall efficiencies within farming. Agricultural land often spans over a wide area which can make monitoring qualities such as soil moisture a time consuming job. With the use of LoRaWAN® IoT sensors you can remotely monitor a range of factors enabling you to make more informed decisions and streamline your processes.

smart agriculture solutions

Solutions we provide:

  • Asset Tracking
  • Soil Moisture Sensors
  • Smart Irrigation
  • Environmental Sensors
  • Fluid Level Monitoring
  • Waste Management
  • Open/Close Sensors
  • Vibration Monitoring for Machinery
  • Remote Pest Control Monitoring

LoRaWAN Smart Agriculture IoT Solutions

LoRaWAN® IoT offers an incredibly efficient option to those looking to develop a Smart Agriculture Solution. With a range of up to 10km in rural locations, data can be transferred over a wide area. Coverage can be easily expanded with the use of additional LoRaWAN® gateways to create the Smart Agriculture solution you truly require.

Each and every Smart Agriculture site will differ depending on the individual requirements. With the use of LoRaWAN® sensors, solutions can be developed to:

  • Track the location of key machinery and equipment
  • Maximise operational efficiencies
  • Save on water waste
  • Optimise environments for improved crop yield
  • Monitor the performance of important machinery
  • Raise alerts when gates and doors are left open

Developing your Solution

A Smart Agriculture IoT solution will typically consist of a gateway, sensors and a software platform. The gateway will receive information from the sensors which could be measuring anything from water, vibration, temperature, air quality etc. The gateway will then feed the data recorded by the sensors to a server which will then push the information to a software platform/dashboard to be presented in a user friendly way – Alliot provides you with the components and the expertise to develop your solution.

With the Internet of Things, Smart Agriculture solutions are now within easy reach. Whatever you’re looking to monitor, we have the skills and expertise to help you develop your Smart Agriculture Solution. With access to the very best components, we can help you turn your ideas into fully scalable commercial deployments.

Asset Tracking

Asset trackers enable you to remotely monitor the geolocation of farming equipment, machinery and people. By using GPS and WiFi sniffing, LoRaWAN Asset Trackers can help to provide extra protection for expensive equipment and people in remote locations.

Soil Moisture Sensors

LoRaWAN soil moisture sensors can help to promote land quality and crop yield. Designed to aid better forecasting, soil moisture sensors enable optimal irrigation across your Smart Agriculture projects.

Smart Irrigation

Add smart irrigation to your Smart Agriculture solutions to remotely control your water usage. Our range of smart water devices can be simply integrated without the need for any additional cabling.

Environmental Sensors

There are numerous environmental factors which can be monitored as part of your Smart Agriculture project. With our range of LoRaWAN sensors you can remotely monitor factors such as air quality, light, water levels, temperature and rainfall.

Compact Wireless LoRaWAN Temperature and Humidity Sensor (R711)RRP: £45.82+VATWireless LoRaWAN Outdoor Temperature and Humidity Sensor (R712)RRP: £80.20+VATIndustrial Wireless LoRaWAN Temperature and Humidity Sensor (R718AB)RRP: £90.93+VATWireless LoRaWAN CO2, Temperature and Humidity Sensor (R72615A)
RRP: £259.81+VAT
Wireless LoRaWAN PM2.5 / Temp / Humidity Sensor (R72616A)
RRP: £534.97+VAT
Wireless LoRaWAN Water Leak Detector with Rope Sensor (R718WB)
RRP: £144.08+VAT
enLink Air Indoor Air Quality Sensor
RRP from: £924.00 +VAT
enLink Air X Outdoor Air Quality Sensor
RRP from: £1,545.50 +VAT
enLink Outdoor Air Quality Sensor
RRP from: £462.00+VAT
Metos® Clima LPWAN Weather Station

RRP: £2,123.01 +VAT
Metos® LoRAIN Rain Sensor

RRP from: £520.29 +VAT
Temperature & Humidity Sensor
RRP: £54.93 +VAT
Carbon Dioxide Sensor 4-in-1
RRP: £248.31 +VAT
Industrial Temperature Sensor
From RRP: £198.90 +VAT
Light Sensor
RRP: £267.75 +VAT
Temperature and Humidity Sensor
RRP: £70.47 +VAT
Milesight Water Leak Detection Sensor
RRP: From £91.80 +VAT
ATMO Outdoor Environment Sensor

RRP: £275.02 +VAT
PT1000 Temperature Sensor

RRP: £149.69 +VAT
Outdoor Temperature Sensor

RRP: £157.41 +VAT
Temperature Sensor with 2 External Probes

RRP: £169.29 +VAT
Temperature Sensor with 1 External Probes

RRP: £148.60 +VAT
Temperature and Humidity Sensor

RRP: £227.01 +VAT

RRP: £277.20 +VAT
Efento NB-IoT High Range Temperature Sensor
RRP: £256.51 +VAT
Efento NB-IoT Pipe Pressure Sensor
RRP: £413.15 +VAT
Efento NB-IoT Water Leak Sensor
RRP: £144.00 +VAT
Efento NB-IoT Water Leak Rope Sensor
RRP: £183.88 +VAT
Efento NB-IoT Pulse Counter Sensor
RRP from: £122.99 +VAT
Efento NB-IoT Electric Pulse Sensor
RRP from: £122.99 +VAT
Efento NB-IoT CO2, Temp, Humidity & Barometric Pressure Sensor
RRP: £233.43 +VAT
Efento Temperature & Humidity Sensor
RRP: £117.64 +VAT
Efento Temperature, Humidity & Barometric Pressure Sensor
RRP: £135.74 +VAT
Efento NB-IoT Temperature Sensor with External Probe
RRP: £143.88 +VAT
Efento Air Quality, Temp & Humidity NB-IoT Sensor
RRP: £123.47 +VAT

Fluid Level Sensors

Water levels can have a detrimental effect on many aspects of agriculture. Whether you’re looking to monitor the water levels of a nearby river to avoid flooding or ensuring livestock troughs are maintained at the optimum levels, LoRaWAN fluid level sensors can play a key role in optimising your efficiencies.

Smart Waste Management

Optimise waste collections with LoRaWAN waste sensors. Available to monitor fluid or solid waste, these sensors can help to optimise operational efficiencies.

Open/Close Monitoring

Agricultural land is often accessed via public footpaths and bridleways, using open/close sensors can help to raise alerts when gates are left open. These sensors can help to protect livestock in smart agriculture applications.

Machine Vibration Monitoring

There is a lot of heavy, expensive machinery used in farming. Vibration sensors can help to protect your assets and diagnose potential problems before they arise.

Remote Pest Control Monitoring

Rural locations often attract rodents. With livestock feed easily available, it’s not surprising they sometimes like to get a little too comfortable. LoRaWAN rodent traps provide a great solution for remote pest control monitoring.

All products are available throughout the UK and Europe. For more information on how we can help your organisation develop a Smart Agriculture Solution, speak to a member of our team today.