LoRaWAN Smart Building IoT Solutions

Smart Buildings are the future. Advances in technology allow us to monitor a wide range of parameters in real time. LoRaWAN sensors allow you to do this with minimal power and device maintenance over the lifetime of a system. Installation is simple and does not require access to existing infrastructure making it ideal for both new and retrofit buildings.

smart building solutions

Solutions we provide:

  • COVID-19 Solutions for Workplace Safety
  • Workspace Occupancy Monitoring
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Security Sensors
  • Asset Tracking
  • Smart Parking
  • Environmental Sensors
  • Building Maintenance & Compliance

LoRaWAN Smart Building IoT Solutions

Efficiency is a key component to everyday life. LoRaWAN IoT offers an incredibly efficient option to those looking to develop a Smart Building Solution.

Each and every LoRaWAN Smart Building IoT solution is unique to its application. Smart buildings adapt to the needs of the people and businesses within them. Solutions can be expanded to serve additional purposes and functionalities to:

  • Track building systems and key devices
  • Maximise operational efficiency
  • Maintain a comfortable working environment
  • Identify new areas for savings
  • Optimise office use through occupancy monitoring
  • Ensure building security
  • Lower carbon footprints through environmental monitoring

Developing your Solution

A Smart Building IoT solution will typically consist of a gateway, sensors and a software platform. The gateway will receive information from the sensors which could be measuring anything from water, vibration, temperature, air quality etc. The gateway will then feed the data recorded by the sensors to a server which will then push the information to a software platform/dashboard to be presented in a user friendly way – Alliot provides you with the components and the expertise to develop your solution.

The Internet of Things and Smart Buildings go hand-in-hand. Whatever you’re looking to implement/monitor to your buildings, we have the skills and expertise to help you piece together your Smart Buildings Solution. With access to the very best components, we can help you turn your ideas into fully scalable commercial deployments.

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Working Safely During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

IoT sensors can provide effective, reliable solutions to help during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have a number of sensors which can help maintain safety and employee well being in the workplace.

Workspace Occupancy Monitoring

Monitoring occupancy within the workplace can help to meet a number of objectives. With hot desking becoming a growing trend, monitoring desk occupancy could help workers to quickly identify the location of available work stations.

Occupancy monitoring can also help in supervising areas with restricted access or with limited capacity.

Energy Monitoring

Energy Monitoring within Buildings can help to make savings and increase operational efficiencies. Whether you’re looking to measure electrical consumption or water usage, we have the LoRaWAN energy monitoring sensors for your use case.

IoT Security

All buildings, regardless of size require some form of security. With the use of LoRaWAN IoT sensors, Smart Building Security enables users to remotely monitor building security. With IoT, alerts can be preconfigured to raise alarms within the building and/or to designated people.

Personal security can also be an important element of designing a Smart Building solution, emergency push buttons can help to monitor and ensure the security of staff on front desks.

Asset Tracking

LoRaWAN Asset Trackers use GPS or WiFi sniffing to remotely monitor the geolocation of assets. In Smart Buildings, Asset Trackers can be particularly useful in monitoring the location of important equipment.

Smart Parking

Smart Building Solutions aren’t just about the interior of a building. LoRaWAN Parking Sensors enable you to remotely monitor parking availability and display free spaces.

Environmental Monitoring

Using environmental sensors as part of a Smart Building solution can help to lower carbon footprints and create optimal working environments for workers. With sensors designed to monitor environmental factors such as air quality, light and temperature, we’ve got you covered.

Building Maintenance and Compliance

LoRaWAN sensors can also be used to develop smart solutions for building maintenance in Smart Buildings. Using Thermocouple sensors, users can gather automatic water temperature readings for legionella compliance. Smart Waste sensors can also help to optimise waste management.

All products are available throughout the UK and Europe. For more information on how we can help your organisation develop a Smart Building Solution, speak to a member of our team today.