LoRaWAN Smart Manufacturing IoT Solutions

Smart Manufacturing focuses on a technology-driven approach to improve manufacturing operations and efficiencies. Available to suit a variety of manufacturing environments, LoRaWAN® sensors can be simply integrated into any Industry 4.0 application.

smart manufacturing solutions

Solutions we provide:

  • COVID-19 Solutions for Workplace Safety
  • Vibration/Movement Monitoring
  • Asset Tracking
  • Environmental Sensors
  • Alerting Devices
  • Smart Waste Management
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Workplace Compliance

LoRaWAN® Smart Manufacturing IoT Solutions

Digital technologies have transformed the way we live and with Industry 4.0, the digitisation of the manufacturing sector has never been more accessible. LoRaWAN® offers a reliable long range, low power option which can be easily set up to create your Smart Manufacturing Solution.

Requirements will undoubtedly differ between each Smart Manufacturing facility. Our Industry 4.0 solutions are future-proof with the ability to expand as/when required and can be designed to:

  • Track building systems and key assets
  • Maximise operational efficiency
  • Maintain Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Identify new areas for savings
  • Optimise working conditions
  • Monitor the performance of key machinery
  • Lower carbon emissions

Developing your Solution

A Smart Manufacturing IoT solution will typically consist of a gateway, sensors and a software platform. The gateway will receive information from the sensors which could be measuring anything from water, vibration, temperature, air quality etc. The gateway will then feed the data recorded by the sensors to a server which will then push the information to a software platform/dashboard to be presented in a user friendly way – Alliot provides the components and the expertise to develop your solution.

The Internet of Things and Smart Manufacturing go hand-in-hand. Whatever you’re looking to implement/monitor for your manufacturing processes, we have the skills and expertise to help you develop your Industry 4.0 Solution. With access to the very best components, we can help you turn your ideas into fully scalable commercial deployments.

Working Safely During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Social distancing can be difficult in some smart manufacturing environments. We sell products to assess individual body temperature and track and trace proximity sensors to help reduce the transmission of infectious diseases like COVID-19.

Vibration Monitoring for Machinery

Machinery often plays a vital role in many manufacturing environments. Using LoRaWAN® sensors to monitor information such as vibration or temperature can help you to detect potential problems and overall machinery efficiency.

We offer a vibration monitoring proof of concept kit which allows you to test your industrial IoT idea. These kits are designed for you to “plug and play”, with sensors and gateways pre-configured for your convenience. It’s a great way to introduce IoT in manufacturing to your business.

Asset Tracking

LoRaWAN® Asset Trackers are useful to monitor the location of numerous assets within Smart Manufacturing environments. Whether you’d like to monitor vehicles, people or outgoing shipments, our tracking sensors use WiFi sniffing and GPS to remotely monitor the location of your assets.

Industry 4.0 Environmental Monitoring

Many commercial manufacturers address the reduction of carbon emissions in their SCR policies. Environmental LoRaWAN sensors enable aspects such as temperature, light, water and air quality to be remotely monitored. The data recorded in Smart Manufacturing environments can then be analysed and monitored to assess the overall environmental impact.

Elsys ERS CO2 Sensor
RRP from: £185.49 +VAT
enLink IAQ
RRP: From £567.60+VAT
enLink Zone Plus
RRP: From £128.70+VAT
enLink Status-DP
RRP: £244.33+VAT
Compact Wireless LoRaWAN Light Sensor (R311G)RRP: £53.20+VATenLink Air Indoor Air Quality Sensor
RRP from: £924.00 +VAT
enLink Air X Outdoor Air Quality Sensor
RRP from: £1,545.50 +VAT
enLink Status-AF Air Flow Sensor
RRP: £309.67 +VAT
Decentlab DL-ITST Surface Temperature Sensor
RRP: £1070.59 +VAT
Robeau LoRaWAN Water Flow Meter
RRP from: £179.03 +VAT
Wireless LoRaWAN Outdoor Temperature and Humidity Sensor (R712)RRP: £80.20+VATIndustrial Wireless LoRaWAN Temperature and Humidity Sensor (R718AB)RRP: £90.93+VATIndustrial Wireless LoRaWAN Light Sensor (R718G)RRP: £84.34+VATIndustrial Wireless LoRaWAN Water Leak Detector (R718WA)RRP: £87.39+VATWireless LoRaWAN CO2, Temperature and Humidity Sensor (R72615A)
RRP: £259.81+VAT
Wireless LoRaWAN PM2.5 / Temp / Humidity Sensor (R72616A)
RRP: £534.97+VAT
Adeunis Water Leak Cable Sensor
RRP: £142.53 +VAT
Adeunis Water Leak Spot Sensor
RRP: £221.81 +VAT
Adeunis Comfort CO2 Sensor

RRP: £161.10 +VAT
Adeunis Delta P Air Pressure Sensor

RRP: £141.30 +VAT
Netvox R718B Thermal Sensor
RRP from: £246.74 +VAT
Temperature & Humidity Sensor
RRP: £54.93 +VAT
Temperature and Humidity Sensor
RRP: £70.47 +VAT
Carbon Dioxide Sensor 4-in-1
RRP: £248.31 +VAT
Industrial Temperature Sensor
From RRP: £198.90 +VAT
Light Sensor
RRP: £267.75 +VAT
Milesight Indoor Ambience Sensor
RRP: From £382.50 +VAT
Milesight Indoor Ambience Monitoring Sensor
RRP: From £413.10 +VAT
Milesight Smart Scene Panel
RRP: From £89.25 +VAT
Milesight Indoor Air Quality Sensor
RRP: From £280.50 +VAT
MONITO Battery Voltage Sensor

RRP: £240.57 +VAT
VENTILO Air Pressure Sensor

RRP: £164.14 +VAT
PT1000 Temperature Sensor

RRP: £149.69 +VAT
Outdoor Temperature Sensor

RRP: £157.41 +VAT
Temperature Sensor with 2 External Probes

RRP: £169.29 +VAT
Temperature Sensor with 1 External Probes

RRP: £148.60 +VAT
Temperature and Humidity Sensor

RRP: £227.01 +VAT

RRP: £277.20 +VAT
VAQAO Air Quality Sensor

RRP: £200.61 +VAT
Efento NB-IoT High Range Temperature Sensor
RRP: £256.51 +VAT
Efento Low Temperature Sensor
RRP: £256.51 +VAT
Efento Temperature & Humidity Sensor
RRP: £117.64 +VAT
Efento Temperature, Humidity & Barometric Pressure Sensor
RRP: £135.74 +VAT
Efento NB-IoT Temperature Sensor with External Probe
RRP: £143.88 +VAT
Efento Air Quality, Temp & Humidity NB-IoT Sensor
RRP: £123.47 +VAT

Alerting Devices

Implementing LoRaWAN® alerting devices such as sirens can help to add an additional element to Smart Manufacturing solutions. Integrating a siren with a vibration sensor for example can automatically alert people to potential issues with machinery before problems arise.

LoRaWAN® smoke and CO detectors can also be useful in Industry 4.0 to work alongside existing systems. The detectors maintain regular readings, enabling users to monitor and identify potential reasons as to why an alarm may be raised.

Smart Waste Management

LoRaWAN® Smart Waste Sensors are available for both solid and fluid waste. These sensors are simple to fit to existing bins and help to optimise waste collection in Smart Manufacturing.

Energy Monitoring

Similar to environmental monitoring, LoRaWAN® energy sensors can help to reduce carbon footprints in Industry 4.0 environments. By monitoring the energy consumption of machinery for example you can also identify areas for money saving and the overall efficiencies of equipment in use.

Energy Monitoring - LoRaWAN Single-Phase Proof of Concept KitRRP: £655.85+VATEnergy Monitoring - LoRaWAN Three-Phase Proof of Concept KitRRP: £768.95+VATenLink Modbus LoRaWAN Bridge
RRP from: £275.00 +VAT
Adeunis Pulse Counter

RRP From: £89.10 +VAT
Adeunis Modbus

RRP: £161.10 +VAT
Adeunis Pulse ATEX Counter

RRP: £89.10 +VAT
Adeunis Temperature Sensor

RRP: £120.60 +VAT
Adeunis Multi Temperature Sensor

RRP: £151.20 +VAT
Netvox LoRaWAN Current Meter Interface (R718KA)
RRP from: £86.21 +VAT
Wireless LoRaWAN Solid Core CT 1-Phase Current Meter 30A (R718N1)RRP: £92.67+VATWireless LoRaWAN Split Core CT 1-Phase Current Meter 75A (R718N17)RRP: £119.72+VATWireless LoRaWAN Split Core CT 3-Phase Current Meter 3x75A (R718N37)RRP: £179.95+VATWireless LoRaWAN Split Core CT 3-Phase Current Meter 3 x 150A (R718N315)RRP: £198.84+VATWireless LoRaWAN Split Core CT 3-Phase Current Meter 3 x 630A (R718N363)RRP: £236.63+VATNKE LoRaWAN Smart Plug
RRP: £167.62 +VAT
Milesight Smart Portable Socket
RRP: £107.10 +VAT
nke Watteco FlashO Electric Meter Sensor
RRP: £138.60 +VAT
Elsys ELT Lite Digital/Analogue Wireless Transceiver
RRP: 71.21 +VAT
Elsys ERS VOC Air Quality Sensor
RRP: 164.34 +VAT
Elsys ERS Eye Indoor Environment & Occupancy Sensor
RRP: £125.99 +VAT
Elsys EMS Lite Indoor Environment & Leak Detection Sensor
RRP: £48.39 +VAT
Milesight Light Control Sensor
RRP: £76.50 +VAT
TRIPHASO Energy Consumption Sensor

RRP: £423.63 +VAT
INTENSO Electrtic Current Monitor

RRP: £179.19 +VAT
Efento NB-IoT Pulse Counter Sensor
RRP from: £122.99 +VAT
Efento NB-IoT Electric Pulse Sensor
RRP from: £122.99 +VAT

Workplace Compliance

Using LoRaWAN® Thermocouple sensors, can help Smart Manufacturing facilities to comply with Legionella regulations. By gathering automatic water temperature readings you can minimise the risk of any errors which may occur with manual processes.

All products are available throughout the UK and Europe. For more information on how we can help your organisation develop a Smart Manufacturing Solution, speak to a member of our team today.