LoRaWAN Smart Utilities IoT Solutions

Smart Utilities can enable a more reliable and efficient service. By adding connected devices to utilities such as energy and water, the data collected can be used to remotely manage supply, anticipate future demand and support potential savings.

smart utilities solutions

Solutions we can assist with include:

  • Electricity
    • Current Meter Measuring
    • Single/Three Phase Monitoring
  • Gas
    • ATEX Certified devices for monitoring gas and steam consumption
  • Water
    • Water Leak Detection
    • Water Pressure Monitoring
    • Water Flow Metering
  • Smart Councils/Streetworks

LoRaWAN Smart Utilities IoT Solutions

Smart Utilities can be beneficial to both the provider and the bill payer. Using LoRaWAN to create a Smart Utilities solution offers a reliable long range, low power option which can be easily set up to monitor existing utilities infrastructure.

Our team are on hand to offer expert advice on developing your Smart Utilities solutions. Project benefits include:

  • Remotely monitor consumption
  • Identify areas for potential savings
  • Issue accurate billing based on actual usage
  • Quickly diagnose potential problems
  • Remotely control water systems
  • Develop detailed records of usage
  • Reduce the need for manual inspection
  • Lower Carbon emissions
  • Maintain an optimal level of customer support

Developing your Solution

A Smart Utilities IoT solution will typically consist of a gateway, sensors and a software platform. The gateway will receive information from the sensors which could be measuring anything from water, air quality, waste levels and energy consumption etc. The gateway will then feed the data recorded by the sensors to a server which will then push the information to a software platform/dashboard to be presented in a user friendly way – Alliot provides the components and expertise to develop your solution.

With the Internet of Things, Smart Utilities are now more accessible than ever. Whatever you’re looking to implement/monitor to your services, we have the skills and expertise to help you piece together your Smart Utilities Solution. With access to the very best components, we can help you turn your ideas into fully scalable commercial deployments.

LoRaWAN® Sensors for Electricity Utilities

LoRaWAN® IoT sensors can be used to monitor electricity for a number of reasons. Whether you’re looking to measure individual consumption in shared buildings such as offices and apartment blocks or to maintain accurate billing, our range of electricity sensors offer a reliable, accurate Smart Utilities solution.

LoRaWAN® Sensors for Gas Utilities

LoRaWAN pulse sensors can be used to monitor gas consumption, helping you to detect potential issues and improve energy efficiencies.

IoT Sensors for Water Utilities

Smart Water Utilities can be easily achieved with LoRaWAN smart water meters. These simple to use devices can be added to existing systems to provide accurate readings.

For additional functionality we can also provide smart water valves to enable complete remote control over smart water utilities.

Smart Council & Streetworks Solutions

Smart Council solutions can provide and abundance of opportunities to councils and local authorities. Through the use of LoRaWAN®, we can assist you with the creation of Smart Council and Streetwork solutions such as:

  • Activity Monitoring
  • Occupancy/Activity Sensors
  • Indoor & Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring
  • Smart Irrigation & Landscaping
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Smart Alarms & Panic Buttons

All products are available throughout the UK and Europe. For more information on how we can help your organisation develop a Smart Utilities Solution, speak to a member of our team today.