LoRaWAN Use Cases

We are constantly helping our customers to develop innovative LoRaWAN® solutions. There are virtually an endless amount of possible LoRaWAN® use cases. Whether you’re looking to maximise revenue, reduce time or improve quality we invite you to discover what Alliot’s IoT solutions could offer you.

LoRaWAN® Use Cases

These use cases have been designed to inspire and illustrate the opportunities LoRaWAN® presents. We offer a flexible service, enabling you to take whatever part of the solution you need. For assistance with the design of your IoT solution or to create a custom proof of concept kit contact the Alliot team.

Intelligent Building Management Systems

BMS LoRaWAN Use Case Building Management Systems can be adapted to suit a wide variety of requirements. They can play a pivotal role in the performance and maintenance of Smart Building Solutions, helping you to make smarter decisions. By connecting to a local LoRaWAN® network, you can create a Smart Building solution with minimal costs and disruption to any existing network infrastructure.

Smart Golf Course Management

Smart Golf Course Maintenance LoRaWAN Use Case LoRaWAN® devices can be easily installed without the need for any cabling or disruption to your landscaping. Discover how Alliot can help you to create a smart solution to optimise your Golf Course maintenance.

Industry 4.0: IoT in Manufacturing Processes

Industry 4.0: IoT in Manufacturing Processes LoRaWAN Use Case Every manufacturing plant can benefit from having more data to understand how to make processes more efficient. Discover how LoRaWAN can enable you to move forward into Industry 4.0 with our IoT in Manufacturing Processes Use Case.

Smart Toilet Management

Smart Toilet Management LoRaWAN Use Case Maintaining optimal cleanliness of toilet facilities can be a time consuming task. Discover how Netvox’s range of sensors can help you to create an intelligent solution to streamline your cleaning and maintain optimal conditions for your visitors.

At Alliot Technologies we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service. If you’re looking for inspiration on what products to use for your next project we’re here to help.

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