Wanesy Management Centre


Kerlink’s Wanesy Management Centre is a LoRaWAN Network Server, an essential piece of middleware. It allows you to efficiently manage all of your LoRaWAN devices throughout their life cycles; from provisioning new devices through to decommissioning old ones.

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Screenshot: Wanesy Management Centre

The Internet of Things offers scope to have hundreds of devices communicating with each other automatically and remotely. But how do you manage a large network of individual devices?

You can manage firmware and security updates across your network. And it allows you to quickly and easily check for errors with any of your sensors or gateways.

This LoRaWAN® network server has an easy-to-use interface, which allows you to categorise and group end-devices. You can remotely access your sensors and gateways to run diagnostics, make changes or update settings. It can be used to monitor signal strength across your LoRaWAN network, as well as the health of individual devices.

The Wanesy Management Centre is compatible with our Kerlink gateways, in addition to 3rd party devices.


  • Can be configured to support projects from proof of concept to large scale commercial networks
  • Seamlessly migrate existing devices and gateways into your network management solution
  • Cost effective solution based on number of gateways in operation on the network
  • Easily scalable as your project grows
  • Full range of support and warranty solutions available to ensure the network is maintained

Whether you have a single gateway on a small private network or multiple gateways on a commercial network, Wanesy Management Centre provides an easy to use and powerful solution to deploy, operate and manage your LoRaWAN IoT connections.

KERLINK End User License Agreement

For more information on LoRaWAN® network servers, and which system would work best for your project, get in touch with our technical team. We’re happy to help and would love to hear from you.


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