MultiTech Conduit LoRa IoT Starter Kit


Bring your IoT projects to life with MultiTech’s Conduit® LoRa IoT starter kit.

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Bring your IoT projects to life with MultiTech’s Conduit® LoRa IoT starter kit. With this proof of concept kit, you can have your solutions up, running and connected to the cloud in no time.

This starter kit includes everything you need to demonstrate your solutions and consists of:

  • MultiTech Conduit® Gateway
  • 868 MHx SPI LoRa accessory card
  • Power supply with a changeable EU/UK clip
  • Antennas
  • mDot Developer Kit
  • mDot Micro Developer kit
  • mDot module
  • xDot Micro Developer Kit
  • mDot Box
  • Ethernet & USB cables
  • Quick Start Guide

With programmable boards, you can develop your starter kit to monitor factors such as temperature, light, pressure and or vibration. The kit can also be used with any LoRaWAN IoT sensor. Supplied with a reference design and site survey tool, this LoRa IoT starter kit enables you to ensure scalability when developing your solutions.

Depending on your requirements, you can select from an Ethernet only or 4G/LTE cellular backhaul Conduit® gateway.

All components included in this kit are preconfigured for use with MultiTech’s DeviceHQ® management platform for fast deployment and visualisation.


  • Includes everything required for LoRa connectivity from edge sensors to the Cloud
  • LoRa gateway connectivity bundled with cellular backhaul options with GNSS and WiFi/Bluetooth
  • Includes temperature, light, pressure and accelerometer sensors plus GPS
  • Flexibility to conduct LoRa site surveys and/or develop end-to-end LoRa proof of concepts
  • Benefit from out-of-the-box connectivity to leading Cloud platforms for data insight, analytics and visualisation

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Dimensions 161.3 × 107.4 × 42.8 mm



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MultiTech Conduit® IoT Ethernet Gateway Starter Kit for LoRa Technology, MultiTech Conduit® LTE Gateway Starter Kit for LoRa Technology