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Robeau‘s LoRaWAN water flow meter enables you to remotely monitor water consumption.

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Robeau‘s LoRaWAN® water flow meter enables you to remotely monitor water consumption. Ideal for a variety of applications such as Smart Cities and Smart Agriculture, the Robeau IoT water flow meter enables users to make savings on water bills. The meter can also be useful in detecting water leaks before damage occurs.

For maximum efficiency, up to 4 sensors can connect to the meter for easy identification of possible leaks and areas with the highest water use.

Available to suit a variety of pipe sizes, the Robeau LoRaWAN® water flow meter can also integrate with the Strega smart water valve. Ideal for irrigation systems, the two products can be used to build an IoT water solution that enables complete remote control.

Discover how the Robeau Water Flow Meter can be used within our Smart Golf Management Use Case.


  • LoRaWAN® Compliant
  • Measures logged when in use and sent every 5 minutes
  • Minimum accuracy of 0.5 l/min
  • 2 – 3 years battery
  • Reports battery voltage
  • Ease of data integration through analytics platform, open API or directly via the sensor
  • Option to attach up to 4 sensors per meter
  • CE & RoHS certified
  • Available to suit pipe sizes:
    • DN10
    • DN15
    • DN20
    • DN25
    • Optional DN20 flowmeters with higher accuracy and higher working pressure are available on request



Power Supply 2 batteries IV5 AA
Transceiver Power -14dBm high efficiency PA


Wireless Technology LoRaWAN®
Frequency Range 868 MHz


Dimensions 2.5cm (D) x 12cm (W) x 18cm (L)
Operating temperature -25°C ~ 80°C

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Environmental Protection


Measurements Taken

Power Source

AA Batteries



Pipe Size

DN15, DN20, DN20 High Precision, DN20 High Pressure, DN25

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