Condition Monitoring System PoC Kit

Condition monitoring of machinery allows you to carry out preventative maintenance BEFORE a fault develops. By monitoring key parameters, such as vibration, temperature and humidity you can detect a problem with your manufacturing equipment and be proactive about how you deal with it.

Monitor vibration, sudden movements and motion in motors and rotating machinery with our Condition Monitoring System. It allows you to:

Condition Monitoring PoC
  • Identify general wear & tear issues during the life cycle of your industrial equipment
  • Highlight where condition-based maintenance needs to be carried out before major issues arise
  • Reduce manufacturing down-time and improve plant efficiency

The sensors included in this industrial vibration monitoring kit are designed to alert you to any changes in the running of your machinery. All devices can be quickly and easily retrofitted giving you an overview of machine health, allowing you to pinpoint areas which may become problematic.

What’s in the box?

⚠ Gateway may vary to pictured product due to stock lead times & availability.

industrial vibration monitoring proof of concept kit

LoRaWAN sensors collect data and communicate with a central gateway. We stock a wide range of sensors, which can be combined to give you the information you need for your IoT application. To get you started, we’ve put together a selection of sensors and a gateway, so everything you need is in the box:

Optional extras:

The proof of concept kit sensors and gateways arrive pre-configured and ready to simply plug and play. Our technical team can set up dashboard access and help you analyse the data collected, so you can use the most relevant data. It’s a great way to test the system before you scale up to incorporate your full manufacturing facility.

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Technical Documents:

Incorporating IoT and smart manufacturing methods can save time, money and dramatically reduce machinery down time.  Our experts can advise you on the best products for your business and help you improve your manufacturing processes.

If you’re looking for a more bespoke proof of concept kit for your LoRaWAN IoT project, we’d love to help. You can choose from our wide range of LoRaWAN sensors and we can put together a proof of concept kit that is tailored to your project. Get in touch with our technical support team to discuss which sensors would be most appropriate for your IoT project.

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