Smart Farming PoC Kit

This proof of concept kit will allow you to get your smart farming IoT project off the ground. We’ve put together a LoRaWAN agricultural monitoring kit that includes some key sensors and an outdoor LoRaWAN gateway to get you started. These products are pre-provisioned and ready to use so you can start using them straight away.

The smart farming PoC kit allows you to monitor:

smart farming
  • soil conditions; moisture levels, temperature and electrical conductivity
  • tank levels for storage or waste
  • outdoor air temperature and humidity
  • identify gates or doors left open (using a reed switch sensor)

All of the sensors and gateways included in this proof of concept kit are suitable for outdoor use. Sensors transmit data to the gateway, which sends the information on to a cloud-based server. LoRaWAN technology is perfectly placed to send small amounts of data over large distances (up to 10km), so can be used across large areas of farm land with few gateways.

What’s in the box?

smart farming proof of concept

Our proof of concept kits are designed with simplicity in mind. They include a small selection of sensors to get you started. You can test your project on a small scale, before introducing a wider range of sensor functionality and add gateways to cover a larger area. The Smart Farming PoC kit includes:

Optional extras:

This proof of concept kit will allow you to test your smart farming IoT project. You can add on then scale up the LoRaWAN system to cover multiple sites, or add further sensors that are relevant to your business. We have a wide range of sensors that are suitable for agricultural monitoring applications. Alternatively, speak to our technical team about custom-selected PoC kits.

RRP £1,291.70 + VAT & shipping costs

Contact us to place an order or to discuss your IoT projects.

All of our LoRaWAN starter packs are preconfigured remotely by our in-house technical experts. Our team will help you to get the most out of your products, and allow you to easily access the data that you need through an intuitive data dashboard. This can be linked to an application server of your choice.

Technical Documents:

Smart farming is taking off across the world. We’re seeing a surge of agriculture-related products coming to the IoT market. Farmers are leveraging technology and big data analysis to improve yield and quality of crops, keep track of livestock and reduce labour costs.

Every IoT project is different. If you have a specific application in mind for your agricultural monitoring IoT project, our team can help and advise you. We offer bespoke proof of concept kits at a discounted rate, with set-up fees included. We’ll help you find the best way forward, enhancing your business through technology.

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