IoT Provisioning

IoT Provisioning

IoT Device Provisioning is the process of setting up and configuring your IoT Devices so that they can communicate with one another.

A typical LoRaWAN network will be made up of sensors, gateways and servers. Each of these needs to be programmed to send data securely between devices, and on to the end server and user dashboard.

Cellular LPWAN solutions, on the other hand will still be made up of sensors but they will use a cellular network to transmit data. We can configure NB-IoT and LTE-M sensors to work out-of-the-box.

We offer an IoT provisioning service for sensors and gateways meaning you can receive hardware ready to use straight out-of-the-box. Pre-provisioned devices allow you to install and set up your new IoT systems quickly and cost-effectively. Our highly-skilled technicians will handle the programming. All of the IoT device provisioning that we do can be done remotely.

IoT Device Provisioning

We offer different levels of provisioning and device management; whether you’re at the proof of concept stage, or you’re looking at a bulk deployment of LoRaWAN sensors:

Plug & Play configurationWe can provision your device prior to shipping. Just power up & connect to your network.

Secure registration of your devicesAlliot’s provision-safe portal ensures all device connection keys are transferred securely.

Bulk provisioningManual provisioning is a costly, time-consuming process. Our service enables an efficient cost-effective solution to ensure speedy deployment of your devices, essential for large scale IoT installations.

Network provisioningWe can provide full set up of your network gateways ensuring they connect seamlessly to either a new or existing server.

White-label provisioningWe’re happy to provision IoT devices under white-label for our clients. The pre-provisioned sensors and can be drop shipped to your customers.

What can we configure?


  • AppEUI
  • AppKEY


  • Connection to a Network Server
  • Configuration of backhaul including cellular APN

Ordering information

Pricing starts from £1 per sensor, £10 per indoor gateway & £15 per outdoor gateway.

Discounted Trade Pricing: Contact us for trade pricing, to place an order or to discuss your IoT projects.

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