LoRaWAN Network Servers

The Internet of Things offers scope to have hundreds of devices communicating with each other automatically and remotely. But how do you manage a large network of individual devices? This is where the LoRa network server comes in!

LoRaWAN server architecture

The network server is an essential piece of software which acts as a bridge between gateways and the application server. It’s also where you manage all of your LoRaWAN sensors and gateways.

Why do I need a LoRaWAN Network Server?

In a LoRaWAN system, the network server allows you to:

  • add or remove sensors and gateways
  • configure devices and update firmware
  • send uplink or downlink data between sensors, gateways and the application server
  • create groups of sensors (for example, by location, type etc.)
  • run diagnostics and monitor the health of your devices
  • output data to your chosen software

The LoRaWAN network server (LNS) interacts with the gateways (and ultimately sensors), as well as the join server and application server. A large part of LoRaWAN network security relies on a secure connection to the network server.

What are my options?

We currently partner with two LoRa network server providers; Kerlink and LORIOT. Our technical sales team will talk you through the pros and cons of each option, and the different pricing structures.

A LoRaWAN network server is essential to your LoRaWAN IoT project. It allows the sensors and gateways to communicate with the application servers and the final user-facing software. All of our network servers can integrate with external data management software. There are many different application APIs that we support, including:

  • HTTP Push
  • MQTT
  • Iron MQ
  • myDevices Cayenne
  • CoAP Push
  • TLS Socket
  • IBM Cloud
  • PubNub
  • Amazon AWS IoT
  • WebSocket
  • Google IoT Core
  • Azure IoT Hub
  • AllThingsTalk

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